Living In Singapore - Settling In

Living In Singapore - Settling In

Fourteenth Edition Reference Guide (2016)

By Ana Mims

E-ISBN: 9789813179820

Genre: Travel


Welcome to Singapore, a lovely island one degree north of the Equator! Unpack that overnight bag, take a break from the boxes, grab a coffee and have a read through this chapter to discover insights and tips to get you settled in your new environment.

This chapter will help you get comfortable in your new city. It's divided into two sections: Foundation: how to select a home if you have not already done so and how to outfit it with the basics and; Connection: how to become connected, both literally and figuratively.

The new edition now includes “insider tips” throughout the chapter, based on feedback from long-time expats. You’ll discover those “No one told me!” jewels and some amazingly helpful apps that will have you feeling like a resident in no time. Your new knowledge will translate into comfort and certainty ... a feeling of being settled. So, begin the adventure exploring your new home!

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