Living In Singapore - Business & Career

Living In Singapore - Business & Career

Fourteenth Edition Reference Guide (2016)

By Alka Chandiramani, Sher-Li Torrey

E-ISBN: 9789813179875

Genre: Travel


Singapore’s economic freedom score is 87.8, making its economy the second freest in the 2016 Index.

One key factor in its development is its strategic location, in the heart of the Association of Southeast and Asian Nations (ASEAN). Other factors that contribute to Singapore being a favorable business environment are its highly-skilled workforce, coupled with political stability and sound economic policies. Low corporate tax rates, ease of business establishment and innovative work visa schemes are other contributing factors. Many multinational companies have chosen to set up their bases in Singapore. Business owners all over the world regard Singapore as an ideal location to grow their businesses, with many of them using the country as a springboard to tap into other emerging markets in Asia.

But what does that mean to you? How do you find a job? Start a business? Pay your taxes? Invest in real estate or even just write a check here? This chapter gives you all the answers you need to know and offers some fabulous apps to help you navigate Singapore's amazing business environment.

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