Everything but the Brain

Everything but the Brain

By Jean Tay

E-ISBN: 9789810755010

Genre: Plays and Poetry

Publisher: Epigram Books

Related series: From Stage to Print

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What do Physics, three bears and a stroke have in common? Take a journey with Elaine, a middle-aged Physics teacher, as she explains the theory of relativity using the metaphor of three bears and a train, and devises a plan to turn back time and save her ailing father from physical determination.

Written by gifted playwright Jean Tay, Everything but the Brain was first developed at the Playwrights’ Cove at The Necessary Stage in 2001 and staged by Action Theatre in 2005. It won Best Original Script in The Straits Times’ Life! Theatre Awards in 2006 and has since been selected as an ‘O’- and ‘N’-Level literature text in Singapore.


Reader Reviews:

“Jean’s adroit handling of themes, from the origins of genius to gene heritage and the tyranny of Time, makes Everything but the Brain one of the best things seen on stage here in a while.”
The Straits Times

“One of the more thoughtfully constructed original shows to come out of Singapore in recent times.”
The Business Times

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