Empowering Millennials

Empowering Millennials

The 5 Step Sequence to Design a Life of Fun, Freedom and Fortune

By Vivek Iyyani

E-ISBN: 9789813170643

Genre: Self Enrichment

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Say hello to a satisfying life and career. If you are a millennial fresh out of University, just entering the work force, or you are a seasoned lawyer wanting to switch careers or climb the ladder in your current career, this book can help you achieve that. Directed specifically to millennials to help you with your unique strengths and weaknesses, “Empowering Millennials” serves as your clear blueprint on how to go from merely existing to living life with a purpose. As Vivek puts it, “Empowering Millennials” will give you an informed view of how to build a future of Fun, Freedom and Fortune. You will learn how the definitions of success have changed and the specific goals, motivations and dreams of the Millennials who work towards the new definitions of success.

In this guide, you will discover a clear roadmap complete with worksheets, resources, and exercises to help you find your success. This book is a real world wake up call for all millennials..the ultimate guide for those seeking to maximize their career efforts whether you’re in Corporate or Entrepreneurship.

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