Fox Fire Girl

Fox Fire Girl

O Thiam Chin

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Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2016 Finalist

Derrick can’t believe his luck when he rekindles a romance with ex-girlfriend Yifan. But Yifan remains aloof and distant, eventually confiding to Derrick that in her hometown of Ipoh, she discovered that she is actually a fox spirit with mystical powers.

But Derrick isn’t the only person who has fallen under Yifan’s spell. Unbeknownst to him, Tien Chen, a man with an unhealthy obsession with fire, has also been dating her. When Tien Chen eventually confronts Yifan about her infidelity, she tells him a story about her childhood in Ipoh that explains her actions, and then disappears. Where has she gone, and is Yifan really the person she claims to be?

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