Lion City

Lion City

By Ng Yi-Sheng

E-ISBN: 9789811700750

Genre: Fiction Collections

Publisher: Epigram Books

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Winner of the 2019 Singapore Book Awards Best Literary Work


A man learns that all the animals at the Zoo are robots. A secret terminal in Changi Airport caters to the gods. A prince falls in love with a crocodile. A concubine is lost in time. The island of Singapore disappears.

These are the exquisitely strange tales of Lion City, the first collection of short fiction by award-winning poet and playwright Ng Yi-Sheng. Infused with myth, magical realism and contemporary sci-fi, each of these tales invites the reader to see this city-state in a new and darkly fabulous light.


Reader Reviews:

"Being a big of science fiction and not much of a fan of Singapore, I see Ng Yi-Sheng's collection of short stories in Lion City as the perfect publication for me. He's done amazingly well at capturing the imagination of this 22nd Century Neo-Taoist!"
—Seelan Palay, artist, in "My Book of the Year 2018", Singapore Unbound

"This collection takes apart the tropes trumpeted ad infinitum about Singapore - the Lion City, gone from fishing village to having great food and a world-class airport - and reveals the magic of myth that underpins them all. The stories, with their subtle explorations of colonialism, capitalism and alienation, are delightful and discomfiting in equal measure. [...] Ng shows not just keen awareness of the existing canons of genre, but a blithe faith that Singapore belongs in these canons. This clever, colourful collection certainly makes a good case for that."
—Olivia Ho, Straits Times

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