Launch Pad

Launch Pad

By Shelly Bryant

E-ISBN: 9789814785211

Genre: Fiction Collections

Publisher: Epigram Books

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A science park creates synthetic life to repopulate the oceans, but to ruinous effect. A local retelling brings the tragic story of Sweeney Todd to colonial Singapore. And a far-future heiress falls in love with an alien life form and must make an existential decision.

“In this gem of a short story collection, Shelly Bryant explores the trajectory of Singapore as a launch pad—a bridge between worlds, a crossroads—taking the reader on a journey of discovery from the earliest days of Singapura to the far future. It is a journey into our past, present and future, one that seems at once astonishing and yet totally real, totally plausible.”
Tina Kanagaratnam, from the introduction

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