Kelly and the Krumps

Kelly and the Krumps

By Ken Kwek, Lolita Chiong (Illustrator)

E-ISBN: 9789811700699

Genre: Middle Grade

Publisher: Epigram Books

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In his second wonderfully whacky children’s novel, Ken Kwek takes a hard—and funny—look at teens beset with academic pressures and technology overload.

Kelly Mao has got quite the headache: her tiger mum is threatening to ground her, her tuition timetable barely gives her time to eat, and she suspects her twin brother is up to something. On top of everything, the PSLE is looming!

When the pressure gets too intense, Kelly decides to secretly join a dance crew called the Krumps, but slowly she gets entangled in her brother’s troubles with an evil genius named Fang Boy.

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