What a Mix-Up!

What a Mix-Up!

Book One of Rubiah from Semarang

By Atiqah Halim & Zafirah Idris, Carolynn Yoe (Illustrator)

E-ISBN: 9789811700941

Genre: Picture Books

Publisher: Epigram Books

Related series: Rubiah from Semarang

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With a heavy heart, Rubiah leaves her home in a village near Semarang to become a domestic helper in Singapore, vowing to send money back to her family. As she takes cooking and English-language lessons, she is nervous about her new role. In Singapore, she starts working for the Tans, but disaster strikes in the kitchen when she is asked to make carrot cake.

This is the first title in the three-book series called Rubiah from Semarang which aims to shed light on the journey of helpers and open the eyes of young Singaporeans who interact daily with them.

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