Born To Move

Born To Move

5 Steps to Achieve Mobility Fitness And Say Goodbye To Aches And Pain

By Ooi Lay Yong

E-ISBN: 9789810960629

Genre: Health and Medical


Regain your ability to move and live a life free of aches and pains.The digital lifestyle has changed the way we use, or underuse, our body and joints, giving rise to the prevalence of aches and pains in most of us. For so long, we have been training to build fitness, with our emphasis placed primarily on acquiring cardiovascular endurance and strength. But this is not enough – we need to redefine fitness and focus on building mobility fitness, which is essentially developing strength, flexibility, and quality of movement, so that our joints are capable of moving to its full range of motion and stay healthy.

Within the pages of this book, you will:

• Understand how the different parts of your body move

• Learn how the lack of mobility in your joints is the leading cause for aches and pains

• Master the 5 steps to achieve mobility fitness and live a pain-free life

• Discover how it is possible to regain your energy to stay at peak performance and live a life full of vitality

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