Our Eyes

Our Eyes

Counter Terrorism Intelligence Network

By General (Ret.) Ryamizard Ryacudu

E-ISBN: 9789811496387

Genre: Non Fiction


The purpose of this book, written by Indonesia’s former Minister of Defence, is to identify a growing terrorism threat and explain a region’s response to that threat. The threat of terrorism in Southeast Asia has been on the rise for decades and is often overlooked and understudied within the global context. While the book is titled “Our Eyes: Counter Terrorism Intelligence Network”, after the region’s response, more time is dedicated to detailing the various aspects of the region’s terrorism threat. By using a historical and process tracing perspective, the book describes the origins of modern radical Islamic terrorism and its spread to Southeast Asia as well as the threat’s current state and future outlook. Once the region’s terrorism threat is fully described and outlined then the region’s response can be better explained and understood.

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