The Marvellous Sugee Cake

The Marvellous Sugee Cake

By Quek Hong Shin

E-ISBN: 9789814785419

Genre: Picture Books

Publisher: Epigram Books

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On Simon’s seventh birthday, sugee cake promises to be more than just a birthday treat—it brings together family and friends.

Simon’s family always makes sugee cake on special occasions. And today is one of those days. It’s Simon’s seventh birthday! He can’t wait to bite into a slice. But when Simon sits down to enjoy his treat, things don’t go as planned. Or so it seems, for unbeknown to Simon, his friends and family have been planning a birthday surprise for him—one that involves a marvellous sugee cake!

A homage to sugee cake that vows to entertain readers as they follow the adventures of Simon and his friends.

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