Just a Little Mynah (Book 1)

Just a Little Mynah (Book 1)

By Evelyn Sue Wong, Dhanendra Poedjono (Illustrator)

E-ISBN: 9789814901420

Genre: Picture Books

Publisher: Epigram Books

Related series: Just a Little Mynah

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Little Mynah wishes she was not so ordinary. But when her friend, the magnificent Heron, gets into trouble she flies into action and discovers that even ordinary little birds can do extraordinary things. This is the first multilingual picture book in a series to be published by Epigram Books that introduces preschoolers and early primary kids to the diverse languages and cultures of Singapore. Underlying this first adventure with Little Mynah is the importance of environmental conservation.

The book includes a link (via QR code) to an audio recording of everyday words and phrases used in the story in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. A useful glossary is provided at the back of the book for easy reference. The QR code also links readers to free games and activities so the fun and learning keeps going.

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