Non Fiction

Can I Love?
Oh Boon Keng
Free Read
Traditional Chinese Music in Contemporary Singapore
Michelle Loh and Lum Yan Sing (Editors)
The Years of Forgetting
Sofia Abdullah
Button The Hokkien Therapy Dog
Fiona Foo
Fall In! The Unofficial Guide to Surviving Basic Military Training
Matthew Chew and Nicholas U Jin
A Century of Scouting Badges
Wan Meng Hao
Red Packet with 20¢ Growing Up in British North Borneo
Christina M.Y. Chow
Our Eyes Counter Terrorism Intelligence Network
General (Ret.) Ryamizard Ryacudu
PAP v. PAP The Party’s Struggle to Adapt to a Changing Singapore
Cherian George & Donald Low
Hold the Line (An Essay on Poetry) between France and Singapore
Pierre Vinclair
Waves of Independence Memoirs of a Malaysian Doyenne
Gunn Chit Wha
My Nantah Story The Rise and Demise of the People's University
Tan Kok Chiang
Doing Good Great Thirteen Asian Heroes and Their Causes
Willie Cheng, Sharifah Mohamed, Cheryl Tang
A Philosopher's Madness
Chan Lishan
Do I Matter? A Journey to Building Your Self-Esteem
Wong Lai Chun
Gateway to Chinese Culture
Asiapac Editorial
1987 Singapore’s Marxist Conspiracy 30 Years On (Second Edition)
Chng Suan Tze, Low Yit Leng and Teo Soh Lung
A Life in Words
You Jin
Mum Is Where the Heart Is
You Jin
The Un-Affirmed Core (2nd Edition) Understanding the Factors Behind and Around Homosexuality
Bryan Shen
Love Heals How I Turned My Life Around
Pamela PS Lim
I’m Not Perfect. I’m a Mom.
Jasmine Han and Shelly Holly
Facing Trauma Head On
Anjay Zazulak
Baby Zoey Our Search for Life and Family
Olivia Chong
Hong Kong Fiascos A Struggle for Survival
David T. K. Wong
Adrift My Childhood in Colonial Singapore
David T. K. Wong
Fridays with Philip
Phillip Lee
Sushi and Tapas Bite-size Personal Stories from Women Around the World
Pepukaye Bardouille and Neo Gim Huay
The Great Warrior Genghis Khan
Wang Chisheng
Infamous Chinese Emperors Tales of Tyranny and Misrule
Tian Hengyu
Origins of Shaolin Kung Fu
Asiapac Editorial
Origins of Chinese Martial Arts
Lim SK
Origins of Chinese Festivals (Rev)
Goh Pei Ki
Asian Civilizations Ancient to 1800 AD
Lim SK
The Great Sage Confucius
Chen Wangheng
Origins of Chinese Culture
Li Xiaoxiang
Origins of Chinese Opera
Lim SK
Chinese Imperial Women
Lim SK
Gateway to Old School Games
Asiapac Editorial
Gateway to Eurasian Culture
Asiapac Editorial
Origins of Chinese Food Culture
Asiapac Editorial
Origins of Chinese Sports
Lim SK
Origins of Chinese Cuisine
Xu Shitao
Origins of Chinese Art & Craft
Li Xiaoxiang
Origins of Chinese Tea & Wine
Asiapac Editorial
Stories of Courage
Asiapac Editorial
Secrets of the Chinese Palace
Tian Hengyu
The Great Explorer Cheng Ho
Zhou J J
Gateway to Malay Culture
Asiapac Editorial
Gateway to Indian Culture
Chitra Soundar
Origins of Chinese Auspicious Symbols
Lim SK
Modern Chinese History 1840 to 1949
Lim SK
Origins of Chinese Names
Lim SK
Stories of Compassion
Asiapac Editorial
Gateway to Peranakan Culture
Catherine GS Lim
Even When She Forgot My Name Love, Life and My Mother’s Alzheimer’s
Wong Chai Kee
Why? When Both My Parents Took Their Lives
Yin (SOS)
Have We Lost It? Gracious Living (Volume III)
Kevin Foo
Have We Lost It? Gracious Living (Volume II)
Kevin Foo
Have We Lost It? Gracious Living (Volume I)
Kevin Foo