Food and Recipes

Plusixfive A Singaporean Supper Club Cookbook
Goz Lee and Friends
NerdBaker Extraordinary Recipes, Stories & Baking Adventures from a True Oven Geek
Christopher Tan
ONAKA Vibrant Recipes from a Wholesome Restaurant
Rosalind Lim & Jason Vito
Artichoke Recipes & Stories from Singapore's Most Rebellious Kitchen
Bjorn Shen
Uncle Anthony’s Hokkien Recipes
Anthony Loo Hock Chye and Samantha Lee
Mum’s Not Cooking Favourite Singaporean Recipes for the Near Clueless or Plain Lazy
Denise Fletcher
Robin’s Eurasian Recipes
Robin Pereira & Quentin Pereira
Madam Krishnan’s South Indian Recipes
Ambrose Krishnan & Padma Krishnan
Uncle Lau’s Teochew Recipes
Tan Lee Leng & Lau Chiap Khai
Irene’s Peranakan Recipes
Irene Yeo & Elaine Yeo
Madam Choy’s Cantonese Recipes
Lulin Reutens & Choy Wai Yuen
There’s No Carrot in Carrot Cake
Ruth Wan & Roger Hiew