The Very Solid Adventures of Handsome Hock and Champion Poh
Phua San San
The Great Singapore Poo Sale and Other Beastly Business
Maureen Yeo
Farrer Park Rhyming Verses from a Singapore Childhood
Ann Peters
Tokoyo The Tomb of the Sea Serpent
Catherine Khoo
The Trampolines That Nadia Built
Darren C. Ong
Justice Bao The Case of the Missing Coins
Catherine Khoo
Grandma and the Things that Stay the Same
Eve Aw
The Runaway Who Became President SR Nathan’s Journey of Hope
Amanda Kee
Race to Rio Joseph Schooling Goes for Olympic Gold
David Seow
Percy & Pam Treasure in the Christmas Log Cake (book 3)
Ruth Wan-Lau
Percy & Pam The Mysterious Chicken Rice Recipe (book 2)
Ruth Wan-Lau
Percy & Pam Trouble at the Prata Shop (book 1)
Ruth Wan-Lau