Candid Creation Publishing

Founded in 1999, Candid Creation Publishing, is an independent English-Chinese bilingual publishing house based in Singapore. We provide a one-stop publishing service that takes individuals and organizations from idea to market. Our objective is to lower the barriers to getting published and to make professional publishing accessible to all and with a personal touch.

We Have A Problem Crisis and Reputation Management in the Digital Age
Woon Tai Ho, PN Balji, Keith Nakamura, Eugene Quah
Turning Gen Y On What Every Leader Needs to Know about Recruiting and Retaining the Millennials
Marion Neubronner
Sol's World Somebody To Love
Jeanette Aw
The Digital Goldmine What Every Business Needs to Know About Increasing Sales and Building Brand Engagement Online
Leonard Tan
Game Changers at the Circus How Leaders Can Unleash Greatness in Their Organizations
Jean-Francois Cousin