Triple Nine Sleuths

Triple Nine Sleuths

Dangerous Limelight

By Maranna Chan

eISBN: 9789810751074

Genre: Young Adult

Publisher: Epigram Books

Related series: Triple Nine Sleuths

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Corey, Colton and Stacy are in for a foul surprise: a decomposing body is found in the neighbourhood. Is it a natural death? Or a devious murder? The Triple Nine Sleuths’ desire for truth leads to a frantic search for clues. As patterns emerge, shy Corey fears she could be the next victim. Can the Triple Nine Sleuths convince the police of their theory and stop the killer in time?

Join the Triple Nine Sleuths on the first of nine adventures!


“An entertaining detective story with charming characters.”
—Dave Chua, Singapore Literature Prize Commendation Award winner for Gone Case

“Easy to digest… an entertaining read for young minds. An immediate hit!”
—Eugene Tay, founder of Monsters Under the Bed

“Full of non-stop thrills, suspense and humour. A truly gripping read!”
—Jessica Alejandro, author of The Singapore Kid and Extraordinary Losers

“A fun adventure brimming with delicious local flavour.”
—Emily Lim, award-winning author of Tibby, the Tiger Bunny and Prince Bear & Pauper Bear

“A fascinating and entertaining mystery!”
—SherMay Loh, Moonbeam Children’s Book Award winner for Archibald and the Black Knight’s Ring

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