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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to prepare to publish and sell my book as e-book?

Other than the basic metadata details (e.g. synopsis, list price, etc) of your book, you would also need a e-book file format of your book to publish it on the e-book stores/platforms.

The official standard of a e-book file format is EPUB. And it is also the most supported format by the e-readers and e-book stores/platforms today.

What should I do if I do not have a EPUB format file for my book?

You can try using one of the many online or offline conversion tools or softwares, which help to convert your book manuscript from PDF or MS Words to EPUB. But the quality of the converted EPUB is not guarantee as every book can varies significantly in terms of contents, layout or design.

The other solution will be to get an e-book conversion specialist to do it so that your book will be personally handle and formatted with more quality assured. It might take slightly more time and some costs, but the resulted quality of your e-book will be better managed. You can learn more about the e-book conversion service on farisdigital.com

How do I publish my book on e-book store(s)/platform(s) like Google Play, Amazon Kindle and Kobo? Can I do it myself?

Most e-book stores will offer an online portal (e.g. Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon and Kobo Writing Life by Kobo) which allow authors/publishers to self-publish their book on it's platform. You just need to register an account with them to start.

But if you are looking to publish on multiple platforms to gain maximum accessiblity and exposure for your books, you would need to register and maintain mulitple accounts with different platforms. This can be a very tedious and time consuming tasks.

Alternatively, you could get a e-book distributor to assist you with some fees. But it will be worth the costs, considering the time saved on tedious adminstrative tasks which can be used in focusing on creating your next book instead. You can read more on farisdigital.com, to understand more about the distribution service.

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