Girl Overboard!

Girl Overboard!

Everything’s Coming Up Rosie

By Sheri Tan, Fernando Hierro (Illustrator)

E-ISBN: 9789814615402

Genre: Middle Grade

Publisher: Epigram Books

Related series: Girl Overboard

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Dear Diary,

I’m surviving middle school and living in Singapore! Mom is still cooking up a storm, making delicious local food; Alex is still annoying, as usual; Dad is still busy making sure that we are all happy.

I’ve decided to join the water polo class as my extra-curricular activity. That’s going to be real fun. Now all I have to do is grab my googles and swim gear and go.

The next few months will be BLISSFUL, right?

Tired of all the trouble Sharon has caused since Rosie arrived in Singapore, Rosie is determined to stay as far as possible away from her rival. So she signs up for water polo (yes, seriously, water polo). But Ben accidentally signs Rosie up for student council, and she finds herself running for president—against Sharon! Can middle school get any worse?


Reader Reviews

“A coming-of-age tale about a young expat girl that is as sweet as a bowl of cheng tng served together with a slice of Momofuku Milk Bar’s caramel apple pie.”
—Assoc. Prof. Woo Yen Yen, LIU, New York-based author of the graphic novel series, Dim Sum Warriors

“A very promising voice…Rosie is bright and spunky, headstrong yet endearing—a girl who knows her mind. She is sure to find a lot of friends (and devoted readers) in Singapore.”
Dr Myra Garces-Bacsal, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education, Singapore

“Moving countries can be tough, especially for 13-year-old girls like Rosie Smith. Girl Overboard! is a fun, fast-paced, full-of-laughs book that will make the perfect gift for any child living in Singapore, or coping with an international move.”
—Catherine Carvell, author of Darcy Moon and the Deep-fried Frogs

“Hooray! At last a book for ever-increasing third culture kids. What a joy.”
—Fran Lebowitz, author of Tales From A Broad

Everything’s Coming Up Rosie may be a book targeted at middle grade school kids, but it’s peppered with advice that applies even to adults! 5/5.”
—Priscilla Tan, Priscilla and her Books 

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