Living In Singapore - Motoring & Transportation

Living In Singapore - Motoring & Transportation

Fourteenth Edition Reference Guide (2016)

By Tom Benner

E-ISBN: 9789813179868

Genre: Travel


Singapore’s public transport system is clean and very efficient. Given the island’s diminutive size and the small distances covered, many expats are happy enough to rely on plentiful and inexpensive taxis, as well as the rail network and buses for their transport needs.

Some expats, however, consider personal transport a necessity and those wishing to purchase a private vehicle should be prepared to pay for the privilege. Regulations stipulate the number of vehicles that can be sold in Singapore in a year in order to minimize traffic congestion. That unique system, combined with high import duties, makes private vehicles a very expensive option. There are alternatives. You can explore cheap and environmentally-friendly pedal-power, but if life without personal motorized transport is too horrible to imagine, this chapter can help guide you.

This edition also offers the newest apps to navigate things such as bus routes, booking taxis and even how to maximize Changi airport.

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