Living In Singapore - Food & Dining

Living In Singapore - Food & Dining

Fourteenth Edition Reference Guide (2016)

By Kevin F. Cox

E-ISBN: 9789813179899

Genre: Travel


Singapore is known as a foodie nation, where food is not just regarded as a diversion to be enjoyed on occasion, but rather a way of life. An intense passion for freshness, variety and robust flavors seems to be wound within the DNA of every Singaporean. People here not only know good food, they demand and live for it.

Access to great food here is easy, safe and in the case of local fare, very inexpensive. Whether you’re looking for haute cuisine, relaxed family dining in casual restaurants, high quality fast food or local hawker center classics, you’ll find remarkable choices across the island. And if you’re willing to stretch your gastronomic wings, you’ll quickly discover that you’ve arrived in food Nirvana.

This chapter is not just for newbies, but rather anybody interested in finding out the latest and coolest food trends and restaurant suggestions. It also offers advice about how to navitage the food app revolution.

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