Living In Singapore - Arts & Culture

Living In Singapore - Arts & Culture

Fourteenth Edition Reference Guide (2016)

By Nithia Devan

E-ISBN: 9789813179905

Genre: Travel


Singapore’s art scene has been growing and developing over the past 20 plus years and is now vibrant and exciting. The Singapore government is implementing a lot of infrastructure to promote Singapore as an arts hub. Museums have undergone renovations to make them state-of-the-art; buildings in the central and civic districts are being turned into galleries and centers for the arts. Apart from creating the right “hardware” for the arts, there is also emphasis on raising the standards of the “software.” There are grants available for the performing arts and more emphasis on arts education. There are more international events taking place here and local arts groups travel aboard to perform. This has resulted in the raising the bar for overall artistic standards.

This chapter is perfect for those who fear that Singapore is “soul-less” and there is nothing much to do apart from mindless indulgence in retail therapy in gleaming shopping malls. This chapter will help guide you through the abundant choices that makes up the Singapore arts and culture scene.

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