Living In Singapore - Regional Travel

Living In Singapore - Regional Travel

Fourteenth Edition Reference Guide (2016)

By Melinda Murphy

E-ISBN: 9789813179936

Genre: Travel


Surrounding little Singapore is big Asia, an enticing clutter of diverse cultures, natural wonders, urban jungles, sleepy beaches, culinary carnivals, and yes, occasional challenges that will leave you dizzy in the moment, but with stories you’ll savor for a lifetime.

Occasional frustrations and high blood pressure moments are side effects of international adventure-chasing, but the benefits far overweigh the hassles. Think of travel as story-collecting. Become the curator of your own mental museum in which you accumulate memories you get to caress, fondle and share with others, long after your actual journeys are finished. Truth is, most expats here share travel stories and suggestions like people back home share recipes.

But where to go? This chapter gives you just enough information to get your mind whirling and set you in the right direction to plan that dream vacation. It also offers some really useful travel apps that can save your tail in certain situations.

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