Myth of the Stone

Myth of the Stone

20th Anniversary Edition

By Gwee Li Sui

E-ISBN: 9789810766177

Genre: Comics and Graphic Novels

Publisher: Epigram Books

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Selected by the National University of Singapore Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences as one of 85 Landmark Books

A curious young boy opens a door and is thrust into the Architrave, a fantastical, fractured world upheld by four Columns. Arriving as the Great Gateway War draws to a start, Li-Hsu must fight bravely alongside a host of strange creatures in order to find his way back home.

Gwee Li Sui’s Myth of the Stone, first published in 1993, is an endearing tale of one unlikely hero’s journey through an unfamiliar landscape. Epigram Books presents a 20th Anniversary Edition of Singapore’s first full-length graphic novel in English, with improved art and bonus features including notes from the author and new short stories that further explore the magical world of the Architrave.

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